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True facts again.

I don’t use the scale really. But how do I know I’m not gaining weight? Easy. The sizes of my clothes range from junior medium size to women’s small size. Most of my clothes are junior large to women’s extra small from those range, and they all fit just fine. Not very loose and not very fit. So when I feel that they loosen a bit, it means I lose weight or fat for that matter or just eliminated my water retention. If it’s tight for bit, it meant that I did gain weight. So I recheck my ways, and stick to it all the way. Right now, since I definitely focused on just eating real food and making my own sweets with my supervision, I think I am slowly losing it all. Hahaha.

My weigh in is a new dress not the scales.

Oh my skinny jeans’ size would be 25-26 (but that’s Asian size)

I am always terrified to look at the scale…
But if I fit perfectly in small sizes, I’m all good. And that’s what were all aiming for right?

Tammy x

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Guys help please..

Where can I find good zumba workout videos? Thank you!

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Its worth it if it means I get to watch bing bang theory


Its worth it if it means I get to watch bing bang theory




98.2 lbs, 14.2% body fat

amazing! (my goal)

LOVE. I want to weigh close to 100 again!!

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Second picture : hardcore!!!

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This is my body type.

This is my body type.

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I would never ever get thigh gaps.

And it doesn’t matter. My body was made to dance. And dancers don’t usually have thigh gaps. I have a proportional body and I might not look model-like slim but I can definitely get inside size 1 (us) and my stats are like of a model. Though, I admit that I am not yet toned at all. But I am getting there. I am not worrying too much because I am not aiming to be perfect like my motivations… I admit that I’m eating much the few days but I don’t sit my ass off. What matters most is that I can get in extra small sizes without feeling very tight, just right. And I would be like the pictures I see by the end of the year. And that’s a fact. And I am not the only one doing that right? You’re with me right?

Tammy x

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